Memories to Make a Lasting Connection

After many weeks of sheltering in place,  Samuel*, an only child in the Strong Families Program, wanted to plan an afternoon with his mom. He envisioned going with her to a place with views of the city and its mountains, and he wanted someone trustworthy to be their “driver” for the evening.

Samuel and his mom are one family in the Back2Back’s Strong Families Program, which supports children  staying  with their biological families. By providing therapies, classes, and trauma-informed care, staff come alongside families and provide opportunities and training for sustainability in the home. 

A Back2Back staff member agreed to be their driver  and took them to a high point of the city with a panoramic view.  They also visited a museum with the history of Mexican flags, and finished the night with car karaoke!

One way families are empowered is by learning to ask for what they need. Samuel and his mom are both learning this in practical and fun ways. Please join us in prayer the memories made this day will provide lasting connections.