An Honor to Share Their Lives and Home

Back2Back wants children and teens to live in families- either family-style care or if is a healthy and safe option, reunited with extended family. It has been an exciting few months in Mazatlán, as the Foster Care Program has officially kicked off! 

Sadie* once lived in a former Back2Back-partner children’s home, but due to a lack of space, was transferred into a drug rehabilitation center during COVID. During this time, Tom and Karen Woelk, Back2Back staff, prayed about a potential foster relationship. They knew Sadie needed more specific, individualized care, and to be in an environment fit for her needs.

“We have long prayed about getting even more involved by directly caring for a child or teen in our home,” shared Tom and Karen. “Up until recently, we never heard a definitive ‘yes’ from God, but learning about Sadie’s situation, we sensed now was the time.’”

Sadie secured a spot in the Back2Back-run, trauma informed school, and has been learning the essentials she needs to prepare for high school.  She loves school and connecting with her classmates and teachers, and she is understanding the power of using her voice. Sadie has taken up surfing, horseback riding, and sewing. She is figuring out what brings her joy. She is physically healthy and is open to following social media guidelines set in place by the Woelk’s to keep her safe and practice healthy boundaries. 

Sadie has accepted Jesus into her heart, but like many teens, struggles with spiritual development activities, such as Bible studies and online church. The Woelk’s are hopeful and ask for fervent prayer that Sadie’s heart would soften and be more open to getting involved locally. 

Tom and Karen feel honored to share their lives and home with Sadie and are excited for the ways they’ve seen her grow already. As they look toward her future, they hope to see her dream, understand her worth, and set goals for herself.

Faithful advocacy, sponsorship, and prayer make safe living situations like this possible. Partnership will help Sadie grow and strengthen her voice, mind, and place in community and family. Please join us in prayer for Sadie’s spiritual growth and understanding of what it means to be known and loved.