Principles to Live By in 2021

No matter how I feel about 2020, January 1st is a new page and a fresh start.  I love the chance to look ahead and lean towards “all the days ordained for me (were) written in your book before one of them came to be.” (Ps. 139:16) It can be intimidating to look at a year and make plans, knowing there are unforeseen circumstances coming our way. Last year taught us plans need to be held loosely. There are some principles I can count on, regardless of how life unfolds. I am organizing my 2021 thoughts in four categories and writing them down reminds me of them when life just happens.

Principles to Live by in 2021 (Values) I am going to put people as the highest priority, and realize my interactions and relationships can grow my self-awareness and give me opportunities for sanctification. I am going to be invitational, and as they say in Spanish, “add more water to the beans” if needed, so there’s enough to pass around. I also started a listening tour last year when culture was clashing and I wanted to understand more than divide. That will continue into 2021, and I hope it brings with it more learning and more growth. 

Essentials to Happen in 2021 (Priorities) This is what has to happen next year, they are promises I’ve made to myself or others. As an example,  I have to finish a book under contract. I have an 18-year-old son graduating from high school whose future won’t wait. And I have a daughter who has a spring wedding, with high hopes and memories to be made. I know as I look at this time, effort and energy will be needed to see these through and having it written down galvanizes my commitment! 

Hope to Happen in 2021 (Dreams) I am dreaming of a healthier me in 2021, this means a stronger, smarter rhythm of rest in my life. I fancy writing a children’s book that has been in my heart for almost twenty-five years, and think this next year it’s time for it to come to life.  I am tired of being grounded from international travel, and on my dream list are a couple of trips to the other side of the globe! Having these visions written down keeps me accountable and reaching. 

Can’t Happen in 2021 (Convictions)  This year has taken so much, but it can’t take away my conviction. I am determined to not lose heart, I am unwavering in not returning to a schedule that I don’t love. I am committing to a connected, creative, and appreciative 2021.  Every day is a gift we exchange for activities and people. We can’t get it back and I am starting this year with a full heart, a clear plan, and a hope for the future.