Counting Joys in 2020

2020 has brought highs and lows as children and teens all over the world have navigated new learning strategies, more discretionary time, and an unstable internet.  At the beginning of 2020, the Hope Program consisted of seven girls and three boys; over the course of the year, it welcomed an additional teen girl from the Strong Families Program. The teens face similar challenges with timing, internet, and missing campus life. 

In the midst of many challenges, staff wanted to direct the students to focus on the good things that were happening. They asked each of the teens to share highs and lows of the year at a recent gathering. Many of the girls shared, as a high, having additional access to biological families. One young lady said, “For the first time, I celebrated my birthday with my family; it will be a memory I will always be thankful for.”  

Another young woman expressed gratitude for remote schooling.  “Attending one of the best schools is something I’m very thankful for,” she shared. The girls are dispersed to communities where they lack consistent support and still are performing complicated school work well. 

Two of the three young men in the Hope Education Program have been accepted into university and are excited for what lies ahead. One young man, upon receiving his acceptance shared, “God made it possible for me to have this spot in university, and for that I am so thankful.”

Even as they overcome difficulties and create new rhythms for themselves, each of the Hope Students seek gratitude in their day-to-day. Faithful sponsorship, prayer, and advocacy make these moments and their positive outlook possible. Thank you for investing so intentionally and consistently in each teen. Together, we are providing care for their todays and hope for each tomorrow.