Together They Gathered at a Big Table . . .

The table was lined with large, foil pans filled with homemade foods. Goat, fried plantains, lasagna, a traditional Haitian pasta dish, fried chips, and a sweet potato dessert filled the room at a children’s home in Haiti with rich aromas. It was Family Fun Night, and Weekenson Moise, captain of the home, and his wife, Nadraphe, prepared a feast for everyone to enjoy together.

“Family Fun Nights are a way to make and maintain connections between the children and the safe adults in their lives,” shared Weekenson. “My family also comes, and together with the children and the Directors of the Home, we have a big celebration with games, food, and conversation.”

These nights, which happen monthly, consist of games like soccer and Jenga, a time of corporate worship, dinner, and intentional conversation. The children often share about school – what they’re studying and what subjects they enjoy most. The most recent evening together, Mr. Kelly, the Director of the home, joined everyone for the meal and games, which is a rare occurrence.

“It was good to see Mr. Kelly join in the fun,” shared Weekenson. “The children look up to him and trust him, so to have him present, impacted them greatly.”

Faithful sponsorship and prayer make nights like these possible. The foods and games are afforded through your generous monthly giving, and allow space for deeper connection to be fostered. Together, we know the food shared and conversations held provide care for today and hope for every tomorrow. Thank you.