Letter from the Director

On March 16th, I told the Back2Back International Directors and US Department leaders, “First things first – we must decide what is most important now, so we can sustain meeting those needs the longest.”  We decided meeting practical needs, staying connected to children, and keeping everyone healthy and safe would become Back2Back’s “first things first.”

Internationally, we reduced the overall operating budget by almost one million dollars.  I   proudly would serve under any leader within Back2Back. The leadership teams made tough choices to stay in the fight.  Now nearing the end of 2020, we are still fighting.  I had the privilege of helping with the first day of Back2Back Cincinnati’s programming for Cincinnati Public Schools.  The mountain of challenges children faced to get online, check in for attendance, and participate in a virtual classroom, felt intimidating and overwhelming, even to me. Advocacy is not easy, but is absolutely necessary. We need to stand in the gaps. 

In May, when we were all almost two months into navigating the unknown, I felt God’s prompting to stay in the fight. I shared this with all 300+ Back2Back staff and they are living testimonies to the many ways God has resourced and empowered them. I would put their innovation against any team in the world. Ultimately, the relentless pursuit of vulnerable children and families is in the DNA of the Back2Back staff team, advocates, and volunteers.  

If you would have asked me six months ago if we would be stronger and better a half a year into this, I might have wavered, but today I can testify: needs are being met, children are connected, and families are safe.  

-Todd Guckenberger