Hope Program: Building Big Dreams

The Haiti Hope Program Students are growing, even in the midst of changes. Two of the key components of Haiti’s Hope Program is that each of the students is in school, working towards a career goal, and also learning, developing, and harnessing professional skills in the meantime.

Wilson* started professional training a few weeks ago to make himself more marketable to the Haitian workforce. The training – learning how to drive and operate dump trucks, or camions – is four months long. Every Saturday and Sunday, Wilson attends classes, while also studying for his 11th grade year of high school through the week.

The course includes technical learning for how to safely operate large trucks and will also include hands-on learning later in the four month course. This new skill prepares Wilson for the workforce and also allows him to work in the summer or evenings during the school year. Professional skills provide job training, increase study habits, and allow Hope Students to gain more responsibility while improving their work ethic.

Faithful sponsorship, advocacy, and prayer make these opportunities possible for students like Wilson. Please join us in praying the students develop within their new work and school environments. Thank you.