Hi-YAH! The two young boys cried out the expected call as they completed a new karate move. Their eyes were laser focused, their arms were stiff and strong, and their karate teacher acknowledged it all as they completed the move. Both boys beamed on the inside, and gave a smile on the outside as thanks.

Jeremiah* and Gideon* are the two youngest boys at Rukuba Children’s Home. Jeremiah is especially a “very playful boy” according to Swanta Zakka, Back2Back staff. Their time at the education center has been a struggle – they wish to move and play above all else, making focusing and remaining still a difficulty.

The safe adults at Rukuba also noticed the tension of sitting still to learn and needing to release energy, so they enrolled him and Gideon in karate classes! This special class and time for focused movement and learning control of one’s body has helped the boys immensely during their study and learning time.

Swanta reported, “Both boys have been sitting longer to complete homework and have heightened focus on the materials they’re learning for school.”

The karate classes aren’t just helping the boys stay better focused when it’s most important, they’re helping teach discipline principles and are allowing them to expel extra energy in a responsible and constructive way.

This renewed focus and new skill they’ve gained, and are harnessing, is all possible because of your faithful partnership and advocacy. Thank you for investing in the physical, educational, emotional, and social care of Jeremiah and Gideon, along with all the other children who call Rukuba home. Together, we are providing care for today and hope for each tomorrow.