To Look Forward

Final exams have come to a close in India and with that, has come a first for Back2Back’s India Campus. Three young men are preparing for junior college and life off campus.

One dreams of taking to the skies as a pilot. Another hopes to serve his home country in the Army. And the third young man imagines protecting his fellow citizens in the Air Force.

Thought-provoking conversation is helping each of the teens better understand what to expect in the next chapter. “We are discussing independent living, expectations, and reminding them they will have ongoing support from staff and sponsors, even when they’re away from ‘home,’” shared Casey.

“This is the first group of children we are sending to junior college,” explained Casey. “The intensity of their final exams and the societal pressures of passing tenth grade made them focus the last few months on doing well in their studies. Now we are focusing on preparing them for this move.”

They all look forward to meeting new people, new teachers, and experiencing new places. They also share similar sentiments on moving away from what’s been home for the last four years – they will miss the family-like environment they’ve always known.

The beginning of junior college for the three young men also means the beginning of tenth grade for seven girls who’ve also grown up on the campus. Please pray for each teen girl as they begin a vigorous school year and preparations for life off-campus. Please pray for protection, growth, and determination for each of the teen boys, as they pursue their dreams with ongoing support from staff, sponsors, friends, and caregivers on campus.