32 Things Learned Last Sunday

One consistent piece of a mission trip with BackBack is debriefing at the end of day. Debriefing circles are an intimate, intentional way to gather at the end of every day to discuss highs, lows, pictures of the day, and what each person is learning about themselves, others, and God. We want the week to be a springboard.

Beth Guckenberger, Co-Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries, led a virtual debriefing this past Sunday. People from all over the world gathered to debrief what they’re learning during this unique time we’re experiencing as a global community.

When we slow down, it is amazing to see what you are learning about yourself, others, and God. We are inspired. Here are just a few of your comments, in your own words!

  1. God has taught me that focusing on others minimizes the worry I may experience personally. It’s been wonderful to learn to care for others better.
  2. We can actively choose to believe God is who He says He is.
  3. God is our companion, never fear.
  4.  I am thankful for God giving us an opportunity to slow down and focus on others’ needs and loving one another.
  5. When fear creeps in, God is faithful to remind me Who is in control. Who was I trusting before this? The answer should be the same, and my trust should look the same.
  6. When I slow down, I learn I’ve been so busy, I miss some of the really important things in life.
  7. When I focus on others, it minimizes the personal worry I may experience.
  8. Giving God the first part of our days is not optional.
  9. Church doesn’t need to be in a building to be impactful and important.
  10. Looking forward to spending intentional time connecting with people the old fashioned way –  through letters and phone calls.
  11. Put people before doing and being busy. Be there for others very intentionally.
  12. Watching my kids learn to be excited about smaller things, like when there is flour at the store.
  13. I was working towards simplifying my life, and I am amazed at how simple it can be! God is truly all we need. He really is showing us how much we don’t need!
  14. Love seeing people serve each other in this season.
  15. The days in quarantine can seem mundane, but God will empower us to complete His work, multiplying our simple efforts to achieve maximum results.
  16.  Help us serve more without fear.
  17. I can still live fully even with slowing down.
  18. Spending intentional time with my teens who will be out of the house in the next year.
  19. Realized how hardworking my husband is! Seeing him work from home, I see the care he has for those he is charged to lead.
  20. Building margin in my day so I more easily recognize God at work.
  21. God – He is still on the throne, even when we can’t see the next step.
  22. Make an active CHOICE to believe that God is who He says He is, in spite of circumstances that I don’t understand. Sometimes that choice is minute by minute. He is always faithful!
  23. Crisis can bring out the best in us!
  24. Focus on the present and do not worry about the next few days.
  25. I want to not waste this unique opportunity to learn and grow in Christ.
  26. These circumstances have made it less awkward to offer help to one another. People desire to be connected and care for one another, this has slowed us down and given us a reason/opportunity to check in on each other.
  27. Find more silence to listen.
  28. Excited and intrigued by what God is going to do through this – personally, locally, and globally.
  29. The reality we find ourselves surrounded by has confirmed that God’s peace, calmness, and encouragement lives in me every day, and I’m drawing friends and old co-workers to it by just remaining calm and not allowing fear to attack my peace in God
  30.  He will give me courage.
  31. Remembering all of His promises to us!
  32. I am not in control, God is.

And the list goes on…

These, and so many other lessons, are reverberating in our hearts and minds after the community debriefing, but we know there is more to learn and share! Will you join us for the next debriefing, so we can share more of what we’re learning and how we’re growing during this time

Join Beth and the global community on Sunday evenings at 7pm ET on Facebook Live or Instagram Live. We look forward to learning with you!