Letter from the Director

This past year I changed my email signature to say, “Easier said than done, but I’m in if you’re in.” Those two thoughts had been circling around my head for a while. Solutions sound simple until you experience your first challenge, but sticking with it produces results. I wanted to say to the staff and partners with whom I communicate electronically, I know what I am asking is easier said than done, that it’s hard on the field, but I will stay in this with you.  

What Back2Back does globally, and now locally, is an opposed work, but impact is happening through your investment.  The intentional effort of Back2Back’s 300 staff, hundreds of local volunteers, child sponsors, and thousands of short-term team members, culminated in 2019 in these kingdom highlights: 

  • 662 children’s holistic needs were directly met.
  • 1000s of other children in partner programs were impacted.
  • We have 106 Strong Families currently enrolled and receiving services.
  • 18 students transitioned into adulthood and independence this year.
  • There have been 15 high school/university graduates. 
  • We have strong work happening in community centers in Nigeria, 2 locations in Cancun, and the grand opening of the 12 Stones Community Center in Mazatlán.
  • Haiti’s phase 1 construction complete, and all powered by solar energy.
  • 10 India Hope Education Program Students enrolled in Junior College.
  • 152 individuals from partner organizations were trained in Trauma Competent Care in the Dominican Republic.  
  • 1000s of other individuals around the world were trained in partner organizations, working toward better standards of care for the children and families they serve. 
  • 18 children in Cincinnati were engaged actively in a literacy program, allowing them to jump multiple reading grade levels. 
  • Back2Back’s Pacific Christian Academy in Mazatlán created individualized education plans for children, allowing them to learn in a trauma-informed way. 
  • We launched Back2Back Learn, a learning management platform allowing Back2Back to digitize the Trauma Competent Care training. 

These are just a few of the steps we want to celebrate with you, as we look back, grateful for how you come alongside vulnerable children and families.  We trusted Him in 2019, and saw His provision and protection. We expectantly enter 2020, ready and willing to do whatever He asks.  

Todd Guckenberger
Back2Back Ministries Executive Director