10 Things We Pray for Boys

I recently wrote a blog post on ten ways we can pray together for girls served by Back2Back. As 2019 comes to a close, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to share a similar list for the boys. Boys who will become men, who will teach their own children how to love and serve by example, alongside their wives. Please join me with these ten ways to pray for the boys served by Back2Back.

  1. I pray they are courageous, like Moses. In Exodus, Moses repeatedly goes to Pharaoh, under God’s instruction, telling him to let God’s people go. This is not the work of a meek man – repeatedly following God in the face of an adversary. I pray each of the boys served by Back2Back will walk courageously into every conversation God calls them.
  2. I pray they are trusting, like Joshua. Joshua, following the death of Moses, was called to lead the Israelites across the Jordan River to the Promised Land. He was promised every place he set his foot, believing in God’s character fully. I pray each boy served by Back2Back will trust where God leads, knowing He is good.
  3. I pray they are humble, like David. With his final words, in 2 Samuel, David doesn’t recount all his victories or boast, instead he points to Who was truly great. David doesn’t take credit for his accomplishments, but gives credit where it is due. I pray each of the boys served by Back2Back will be known for their humility as husbands, fathers, leaders, and friends.
  4. I pray they are enduring, like Job. Job experienced mighty suffering and loss in his life. We never see Job fold, even as he is taunted by accusers. He remains steadfast against opposition, consistently speaking with God. I pray each of the boys served by Back2Back will exhibit endurance in the face of trial, confident in His goodness. 
  5. I pray they are influential, like Daniel. Daniel’s story is built on his unwillingness to stray from God’s command over his life. From not eating the king’s food, to only worshiping the true God, Daniel’s faith could not be shaken. I pray each of the boys Back2Back serves will be remembered for their influential words and actions in their communities.
  6. I pray they are missional, like Paul. Paul made it his priority to write and visit many unreached people groups, introducing them to Jesus. I pray each of the boys served by Back2Back will have a heart for those outside God’s family, as Paul did.
  7. I pray they are faithful, like Abraham. For years, Abraham waited to father a child. Once he and Sarah welcomed their beloved son, Isaac, Abraham was instructed to sacrifice him. Ultimately, God provided another way, but he was prepared to do what was asked. I pray each of the boys served by Back2Back will live a faithful life, and leave a legacy pointing to Him.
  8. I pray they are radical, like John the Baptist. Radical in how he dressed, preached, and lived his life, John the Baptist’s mission was clear – live freely, and tell people about the good news, no filter needed. I pray the boys served by Back2Back live radically for Jesus and invite others to do the same.
  9. I pray they are obedient, like Noah. Rain had never fallen from the sky, yet God asked Noah to build a boat large enough for his family and two of every animal on earth. When many would’ve simply said no, Noah said, “Yes.” I pray each of the boys served by Back2Back displays obedience in their lives and says yes, even when they don’t yet know why.
  10. I pray they are kind, like Jesus. His ministry years were spent serving the least of these – dining with tax collectors, including women in His ministry, healing lepers. Jesus’ time on earth was about lengthening the table and inclusively loving everyone. I pray the boys served by Back2Back lead their life with kindness, looking for the best in others, and never judging someone by their history or appearance.

These named Biblical characters are examples of Godly men who lived for another kingdom. God knows the boys names’ Back2Back serves, and can see the impact they have in their parts of the world.