Everyday Wonders

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and this time of year always brings up a litany of gratitude challenges on social media. Authors, artists, and friends alike all use the month of November to truly hone in on what they’re grateful for. I’ve been guilty of highlighting my own gratitude during November for all the world to see, and then going back to my day-to-day in December, putting thankfulness in my back pocket, as if it shouldn’t be a daily practice.

2019, like any year, had difficulties and joys. How I learned to heal from the hard and rest in the good, was listing gratitudes. November is a time to list them long and shout them loud, but what about the mundane days where nothing big or exciting happens? 

To get the Back2Back office into the swing of everyday gratitude, staff were challenged to list three things they were grateful for, beyond the obvious answers. The goal was to dig deep for what truly brings life meaning, and can be overlooked when things are hard. The responses were sweet and joy-inducing.

A clean kitchen. Sweatpants.  Hot showers. Breaking open a new board game with my family. Spoken word poetry. Indian food. Silly moments with friends. Putting up Christmas decorations. Real fires in a fireplace. Conversations of substance. Laughing. Runs on crisp fall mornings. Grandbabies. When all my kids are under the same roof. Morning snuggles with my boys. Finishing a hard workout. A fun coffee mug in the morning. Morning talks with my kids on the way to school. Watching my adult children parent their children well. A puzzle on a winter day. Good health. Costco pizza with green olives. A walk in the woods. Eating pizza while watching a movie. The ease of modern air travel. Quiet times in the morning. Reading a good book. Moose tracks ice cream. My eyesight. Anything pumpkin – growing and eating! Being on the water. Graeter’s ice cream.

When we consider all the things which make this life enjoyable, or some days, endurable, it’s as if we’re insisting on living in the light. Some days the reasons we’re thankful may come easily, and others we may have to think a little harder, but as we list them, joy comes.

As we all celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and friends, may we be mindful of not just the big things we have, but the everyday wonders that let light in.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. What are three everyday wonders you are grateful for?