Defeating their Giants

For several years, when the younger children attended Vacation Bible School over school breaks, the teens at both Community Centers of Tres Reyes and Bonfil participated in a more age-appropriate activity. The staff recently discussed providing a whole separate time with just the teens and what it could look like. This year, the teens from both centers participated in a teen camp for three days along Back2Back staff and a visiting mission team.

“The topic of the three days was their identity in Christ,” shared Jenn Holden, Back2Back staff. “The first day, we talked about being children of God; the second day, we talked about the plan God has for each of us; the final day, we talked about our roles as conquerors in Christ.” Each day included worship and although the first day most of the teens remained quiet, by the third day, they were singing loudly, and were even led by two of their peers playing instruments.

“We wanted to ensure each teen understood they are seen as individuals,” shared Jenn. “We wanted to take special time to intentionally pour into each of them.”

On the final day, they spent time at the beach and talked about defeating their giants as conquerors in Christ. A defining moment for many of the staff members was hearing the teens open up about the struggles they needed to overcome. The teens shared boldly about their personal giants and then everyone wrote it down on a rock and released it into the ocean. Fears of poverty, sadness, feeling accepted, and feeling alone hit the ocean water with clear plunks. Each teen felt a release and greater understanding of God’s ability to hold our fears and take them on Himself.