Shining Light

The Kisayhip village is on the outskirts of Jos, Nigeria. Filled with families whose children attend Igmin Kibe Education Center, Kisayhip consists of very few roads and most of its homes lack electricity. Street lights do not exist in Kisayhip. When the sun sinks low at night, everyday things like walking to the bathroom can become difficult, or even frightening, to its younger inhabitants.

Kisayhip is also home to many of Back2Back Nigeria’s Strong Families. The Strong Families Program is an initiative to come alongside local families and equip them holistically in order to keep children where they will flourish the best – in a healthy family environment. Many of the families rely on small flashlights at night, making it nearly impossible for children to complete their homework and household chores after dark. As Back2Back Nigeria is navigating all the ways they can assist families, they were able to provide each one with a bright lantern, to supply light in their homes after dark.

“When I distributed the lanterns to each family, I told them the hope was they would remember Jesus is the light of world,” shared Stephen Igba, Back2Back staff. “We want Jesus to be the light in each of their lives and in their homes, and the prayer is their home would become a source of light, joy, happiness, and love in their community.”

Long after the sun sets and the stars decorate the night sky, you can see the lanterns in the homes, making each one stand out against the black of the evening. Stephen, who also lives in the community, has recently seen the lights come on at night, and smiles to himself. “Whenever I see the warmth of a lantern, I am reminded of the good work God is doing in Kisayhip.”

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