Welcoming them Home

“What would you young ladies like to eat?” Esther and Hosanna asked Abigail* and Naomi*. Namoi’s eyes lit up as she considered her options. “French fries!” Everyone laughed, as the four of them headed out the door. “Then let’s find some french fries!” said Hosanna.

Esther and Hosanna are two new Nigerian Hope Parents. Their home, Devotion House, will be full by September 7th. Esther, Hosanna, and their three biological children have spent the last few months preparing for this new adventure. Together they’re reviewing detailed profiles of each of the eight teens who will be moving in.

Abigail and Naomi, two teens currently living at Kids with a Vision Foundation Children’s Home, were impacted when they recently met their new Hope Parents. “I can already see a new light and energy in the two girls,” shared Lilly Lar, Kids with a Vision captain. “They are shining now, which really makes me think of the Back2Back motto – Care for Today, Hope for Tomorrow. Abigail and Naomi have been given hope, and it’s changed how they’re living their lives now.”

The girls are in better spirits, and are working more diligently in their household chores. The first day Abigail and Naomi met their House Parents, they were invited to lunch. “When they were given the choice what to eat, they felt seen and heard,” shared Patience, a Back2Back staff psychologist. Esther and Hosanna’s invitational hearts helped Abigail and Naomi feel welcomed. This is the kind of environment and relationship the new Hope Parents desire with each of the eight Hope Students under their care.

The opening of Devotion House is widely anticipated by the teens and their Hope Parents. In late 2017, Back2Back Nigeria began raising funds for the new home and planning for the family who would live there. The home was secured in January, and extensive renovations began. Back2Back staff prayed for the ladies who would be chosen to transition into Devotion House and for their relationships to prosper.

In preparation for move-in day, Esther and Hosanna met with each teen and their primary caregiver to build trust and make the transition easier. Many of the girls have been living with extended family members, but some will experience family-style care for the first time.

Please join Back2Back Nigeria in prayer for every member of this family. Pray for smooth transitions, trust to be easily built, and for each heart to realize they are deeply loved.