Making Educational Investments

It’s back to school season, and the teens at Abigail Hope House in Mazatlán, Mexico are gearing up for a new year, in a new location. The Hope Students will be attending an online high school led by Gaby Nieto, Education Director for the Back2Back Interdisciplinary Team. She will be leading the school full-time from a local church, who donated space, starting in September.

“One of the perks to attending public school for the girls was the social aspect,” explained Gennie Castro, Back2Back staff. “We started to see, however, how this was interrupting their academics.” Gennie and her husband, Jorge, tried several different options for the girls – both public and private, but they weren’t seeing the improvement they’d hoped for.

“The girls started school behind and, even with private tutors in the evenings, they weren’t catching up, because as teens often do, they were distracted by friends and social events,” shared Gennie. As Back2Back seeks to offer well-rounded, holistic care to every child served, we felt the best option for now is an online school. “The hope is smaller class sizes and more individualized educational care, will springboard increased interest in academics,” explained Gennie.

“The goal of everyone is to see the girls progress, and have results that ultimately make them proud. We hope to eventually send them back to a traditional classroom with the tools to both study well and be social,” said Gennie. Teens from hard places can absorb the attitudes of who they were surrounded by before. Many of the girls did not see value in investing in themselves educationally. The hope is this chapter turns this story around.

As the girls prepare for this new school venture, we ask you to come alongside them in prayer. Please pray they realize just how important their educations are and how much potential they each have to offer. Thank you for partnering with Back2Back Mazatlán in providing educational care is this unique and customized way.