Celebrating Milestones

One of Back2Back Cancun’s tutors, Ersy, stood in front of the crowd at the graduation ceremony. “This next student,” he hesitated because of emotion, “will always have a special place in my heart. Melania*, come on up.” The crowd clapped enthusiastically as Melania made her way up front to accept her diploma. She gave Ersy a big hug, a grateful smile spread across her face. It was a day Melania didn’t think she’d ever see, but she proved herself wrong.

It’s graduation season in Cancun, Mexico, and staff across the site are celebrating the many transitions in school for each student. Graduation is a special time for everyone, but for students like Melania, it can sometimes feel like a far-off dream finally coming true.

“When we first met Melania and her family, her mom was struggling to make ends meet,” explained Darlene Ruiz, Back2Back staff. “Their mom had decided if their grades didn’t improve, she was going to ask them to work instead of going to school to help the family.” That is when Back2Back stepped in.

Melania and her siblings immediately joined classes at Bonfil Community Center. Therapy with the psychologist and educational services with the tutors were the two main areas Back2Back initially came alongside her. “Melania’s first challenge was to complete elementary school,” shared Darlene. It took dedication from both Melania and her tutors. She worked diligently in her studies by focusing in school and reviewing everything she learned with tutors after school. “Our goal was always to help increase her comprehension skills and eventually get her to the level of her peers.”

Three years of hard work and dedication eventually paid off for Melania. Once the girl who wasn’t sure she’d ever complete elementary school, Melania completed middle school and is moving on to high school with one of the highest rankings in her class.

“It wasn’t just one person helping Melania that brought her here,” said Darlene. “It was a global effort.” Through regular therapies, faithful Bible studies, and ongoing tutoring, Melania received well-rounded, holistic care; it wasn’t simply her educational needs being met, but her spiritual, physical, emotional, and social needs, too.

Back2Back is committed to providing care in five areas of child development to every boy and girl with which we work. This is all possible, in part, because of your consistent financial support through sponsorship. Thank you for being a part of victories like Melania’s through your giving and providing care for today and hope for every tomorrow.