Living Like Family

Malachi* walked through the house calling out Sarah’s* name. He poked his head down hallways, into the kitchen, and knocked on closed doors, but he couldn’t find her. He went outside and stood beneath the open windows of the upstairs. “Sarah!?” he yelled, and her head popped up above the balcony railing. “It’s time for tutoring!”

Malachi and Sarah recently took part in additional tutoring to help better prepare them for their final exams, and it turned out to be more than just educational growth for both teens. “It’s been an opportunity for them to build connection together,” shared Wadson Delvar, Back2Back Staff. Sarah and Malachi live like siblings – in the same house, but not always getting along all the time. Working together consistently to study for their exams has been common ground for a friendship to be born. Whether it was studying together at the same table, quizzing each other on practice quizzes, or simply encouraging one another to keep working hard, the teens knew they could count on each other. “Where they got along and connected before, I see a new, different, and stronger relationship,” shared Wadson.

The staff in Haiti have always told the teens if they’re going to live as family, they need to look out for each other like family. Wadson saw clearly how Fedner and Kimberly did this for each other as they prepared for exams.

“In Nurture Group, we often talk about looking out for, and being kind to each other and speaking life over everyone,” shared Wadson. “We don’t always know for sure they’re processing all we’re saying, but situations like this show us they’re understanding what’s being shared. We want them to treat each other the way Jesus has taught us.”

As Malachi and Sarah prepared for exams, and then took them, the teens and staff could see just how much they wanted the other to succeed. Your faithful monthly support, that affords tutors and staff to prepare them for various life circumstances, also helps each teen to know there are people all over the world praying for them to succeed.

*Names have been changed to protect the teens we serve.