Introducing a New Staff Team in Cancun!

2018 has brought significant change to Back2Back’s Cancun site. As we continue the work of developing and equipping Strong Families, Back2Back wants to welcome and introduce you to a new staff team! Rodo and Becca Arguello will be co-directing the Cancun site. Rodo and Becca have been on staff with Back2Back for over ten years, serving in both Monterrey and Mazatlan before coming to Cancun. Jenn Holden and Juan Eliut have also served with Back2Back previously in Monterrey, and are recently married, and Amy Kelley joined the Cancun team in February.

How do you think you’ll be most challenged in Cancun?
BECCA: I think I will constantly have to remember the Lord is in control. Colossians 1:17has been a constant “go to” verse for me since saying yes to the call of coming to the Cancun site. “He goes before all things and in Him all things hold together.”

What is the biggest need you see in Cancun?
JUAN: We’ve realized the high divorce rate in Cancun often reflects a lack of commitment to marriage, and in some cases, to their children. This leads us to realize the greatest need is to equip and strengthen the family unit – offering resources necessary to keep parents and children together.

What are you most excited to do/accomplish in your role in Cancun?
JENN: Above all, I’m passionate about connection – whether it’s connecting children with their sponsors, mission team guests with a project, families to resources, our staff with the overall vision of Back2Back or above all, connecting the daily work that we do to the gospel of God’s kingdom here on earth, I pray connection will be a part of the legacy.
RODO: I am excited to create unity within our staff and create a culture that promotes development and self-growth.

What are some of the challenges to working in Cancun?
JUAN: A specific challenge, for me, is helping to maintain a staff team that is cared for, healthy, and driven based on the foundation of Back2Back’s DNA, because I won’t work directly with the families served.

What drew you to Cancun?
AMY: The kids and families of Cancun drew me here. I love being able to interact with, teach, and learn from them. I love how Back2Back comes alongside each child to support them spiritually, physically, educationally, emotionally, and socially.

Where do you see yourself, personally, making a difference in Cancun?
AMY: I want to serve as a resource and a listening ear to our tutors and teachers who work with the children.
BECCA: I love being invitational and I thrive on relationship. I am excited to use those gifts here to help create a deeper sense of community. Also, using the gifts the Lord has given me to give encouragement to my husband, our staff, our groups, our interns, and our volunteers.

From your perspective where, or how, have you seen Back2Back make a difference in Cancun?
JENN: If I had to sum up what I have seen, Back2Back community centers and staff have been safe places for vulnerable families. We all need safe places as a starting point for healing.
RODO: Back2Back has created a safe place where the children from the community can be themselves, learn about Jesus, and further their education.