New Partnership with Hope Children’s Home

In November of 2017, Back2Back India entered into a new partnership with Hope Children’s Home located in a village two hours from the Back2Back Campus. Martin Luther and Prasana Katha have cared for seven girls since the summer of 2016.

The van pulled in after school and big, brown eyes peeked through the windows at a visiting team. The seven young girls exited the van and offered shy smiles to Back2Back guests who had been working on their home while they were at school. Prasana ushered the girls inside to change out of school uniforms, promising they would be back. The girls returned a few moments later, their faces lit up with smiles, conveying their readiness to play, in spite of the language barrier.

A young, married couple, currently serve as caregivers in the home with the girls. After analysis using the Child Status Index tool, staff determined one of the first things Back2Back could help provide for each child were complete medical check ups and immunizations. Beyond the daily running of the home, Back2Back has additionally been able to provide a security wall around the home, electricity which offers lights for the girls to study under in the evening, and a water filtration system making clean drinking water possible and accessible.

Back2Back India looks forward to deepening relationship with Hope Children’s Home, as care for today and hope for every tomorrow is provided.

Are you interested in getting to know one of the girls at Hope Children’s Home? Child sponsorship is a tangible way to advocate on behalf of, and build relationship with, orphaned and vulnerable children. For more information on Back2Back’s sponsorship program, and to learn specifically about Hope Children’s Home, please click here!