Widening Their Reach

Felt-safety can look different depending on where one is in the world. Large, block walls in America could be perceived as private property, behind it, an expansive estate. Large, block walls in Haiti simply mean safety. When you visit children’s homes in Haiti, and most of Back2Back’s other sites, you will be met with a wall before you’re met with the smiles behind them.

Construction has officially begun on the new land in Haiti. The first step in developing the land requires a wall around the property. Back2Back staff and construction crew are hopeful the wall will be completed by the end of this month.

“The land being so near to a community has been a unique opportunity to employ local residents and develop relationship,” shared Jeff Hickman, Back2Back Haiti director. As men and women from the community across the road are helping build the wall, Back2Back staff is hopeful to widen the reach of care for vulnerable children and families.

Haiti staff look forward to what will unfold on the new property as the wall grows in length and height, providing protection for those who will live within it.

“Once the wall is complete, we will begin working on staff housing and the multi-purpose building,” shared Jeff. What was once a large field with the occasional wildflower and roaming cow will soon be home to staff families and a new space for children to learn and grow.

Please pray alongside Back2Back Haiti as relationships deepen, construction continues, and a long-held dream comes to fruition.