Online High School Classes in Tres Reyes

The room was quiet with the exception of the clicking of keyboard keys. Ricardo, a newly hired teacher at the Community Center in Tres Reyes, walked behind the three students as they worked on their computers. The teens were focused and working hard, and this made Ricardo smile.

Recently, Iram, Angel, and Rubi, three teens living in the Tres Reyes community, were assigned to a local high school in the Bonfil area. “When teens transition from middle school to high school, they are assigned to a local high school by the government,” shared Matt Cooper, Back2Back staff. “The commute from Tres Reyes to Bonfil is about an hour and half long bus ride, and the parents of the three teens weren’t comfortable with their children traveling so far every day.” Staff at Tres Reyes did research and were able to offer online high school courses for Iram, Angel, and Rubi as an alternative, that would ensure they still received higher education.

Each morning the three teens meet with Ricardo at the Community Center. Ricardo oversees them in their online programs and also offers English and computer classes. Ricardo works with each teen individually, and is present during their online classes every morning.

Iram, Angel, and Rubi are at the center every day from 8am to 12pm working on their online classes and focusing on their English and computer skills. The early morning schedule allows the students the ability to work in the afternoons as needed.

As each student looks to their future and works towards their individual goals, Back2Back Cancun wishes to thank each of you who faithfully help provide continued education to each child. Please join Back2Back in prayer as the teens study in the online program for the next two years and eight months. All are excited to see what will come from these classes and what Iram, Angel, and Rubi will be able to accomplish as they learn their strengths.