Growing as a Leader

Monestime raised his hand quickly as Jimmy Francois finished his question. Jimmy, Back2Back staff, called on Monestime and smiled as he provided the correct answer. He asked a second question and when another child from Harvest Care Children’s Home answered correctly, Monestime smiled encouragingly at them.

Monestime and the other children at Harvest Care Children’s Home, recently attended a camp together with Jimmy and his wife, Joanne. Three hours south on the coast of Haiti in a town called Jacmel, a church camp provides programming catering to youth. The children and staff spent five days worshipping together, playing games, and sightseeing local beaches.

Monestime, a 13-year old in the home, is showing maturation in many areas. In early September, he transitioned out of Harvest Care’s school and into a local school with two of the older boys in the home. The school offered at Harvest Care Children’s Home provides education through sixth grade. “Wendy and Ansouby, the two older boys in the home, have been attending College Adventist of Eden for a little over a year,” explained Brent Fudge, Back2Back staff. “In many ways, they paved the way for Monestime to transition; they were able to offer support in his new environment.”

Monestime, by attending a new school with Wendy and Ansouby, is receiving new opportunity and time with two boys who’ve developed into distinct leaders. As he grows educationally, emotionally, and socially, Monestime is able to watch and learn from those around him.

The recent retreat revealed Monestime’s growth. “He was quick to answer questions, and he encouraged his peers to participate,” shared Jimmy. As Monestime grows into a young leader in the home, Back2Back staff are grateful for faithful investment allowing each child to attend the school best for them.