Christmas Is

Christmas Is…

A Nigerian daughter, reading to her widowed mom the Christmas story in English, having been prepared for a future in the village education center.  A Nigerian boy, who this year will receive a personal gift in a home aptly named Destiny.

An Indian child, who feels for the first time she has a bed in a place she considers her home.  An Indian mother, who sends her children to a feeding center, knowing they will be nourished in body and spirit.

A Mexican boy, attending church for the first time with his new foster family. A Mexican girl, wrapping up her report card to share with her mentor, a local volunteer who tutors her each week.

A Haitian boy, turning off the lights in his bedroom, made possible by the new solar panels hanging off the roof. A Haitian girl, feeling safe to share her feelings in her nurture group.

A Hope Education graduate, happy to have a few days off from her new professional job. A Hope Education student, finishing his exams with the satisfaction he completed successfully another semester.

A “strong family” sitting under a new roof, feeling supported by the Back2Back community who comes alongside of them.

Christmas is God’s best story, told this year around the world through the thousands of prayers, gifts, hugs and words you share.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.