Concerts of Blessing

The girls glanced at the calendar nearly every day, internally counting down the days. They kept hearing announcements over the radio, and their anticipation continued to grow. Finally, the week had come – “Despertar Mazatlán,” (Mazatlán Awaken) was about to begin! The girls were looking forward to three full days of events including a surf competition and two concerts.

Mazatlán Awaken took place at the end of summer and its purpose was to create a revival within Mazatlán. Many local churches teamed together to help make the event a possibility – there were prayer teams located throughout the events, and information to help visitors get involved in a local church and receive Christ.

Monique Rivera, Back2Back staff member, worked with the caregivers of the home and arranged everything for the girls. “The first thing we took them to was the surf competition. The girls were especially excited for this as they have been taking surf lessons. After the competition, we took the girls to lunch at McDonald’s!” shared Monique.

The following day was a concert featuring a well-known Christian rapper in downtown Mazatlan. The girls sang loudly along to each song, and were able to enjoy the event with a visiting mission team. The girls were also able to meet, and get photos with, the performer following the concert. “It was a special thing for the girls to have a team with them to experience the event,” shared Monique. “It helped make an already memorable occasion more enjoyable.”

“The third day of the event was the one the girls were most looking forward to,” shared Monique. A concert featuring Evan Craft, Jeremy Camp, and Mercela Gandara. “It was awesome to see the girls holding hands, lifting their arms in worship, and jumping up and down in excitement. It was a powerful thing to watch God work in their hearts and see them experience and enjoy moments like these together.” The concerts were filled with music the girls enjoy, but it was also an opportunity for each girl to learn more about the Gospel and a God who loves them. Thank you to child sponsors for partnering with Back2Back Mazatlan in being the difference for one. Find out more about Back2Back Child Sponsorship at