Staff Transitions in Cancun

At the recent Open House in Cincinnati, Cancun Site Directors, Erick and Julie Mowery, announced that after six years in Cancun, they will transition back to the United States in late 2017.

Erick and Julie will continue their work as Back2Back staff to expand the Strong Families program, which began under their leadership in Cancun, to the other Back2Back sites around the world. In addition, Erick and Julie will assist other sites in consistently delivering Back2Back’s Hope, Foster, and Transition programs.

As some of you know, Julie developed health issues over the last couple of years while in Mexico. In returning to the U.S., please join the Mowerys in praying that she will be restored to full health and be able to work to her full capacity in their new role.

The work in Cancun will be in good hands! Rodolfo and Becca Arguello have agreed to take on the role of Cancun’s Site Directors. Rodo and Becca have been serving with Back2Back for 9 years, beginning in Monterrey in 2008. In 2012 the Arguellos moved to Mazatlan, Mexico to help start the ministry’s work in that city. In 2016, Rodo accepted the role as Back2Back Mazatlan’s Assistant Site Director. Rodo and Becca are well-prepared and eager to take on the leadership and ministry responsibilities that come with being Site Directors.

In addition, Jenn Holden and Juan Eliut, both former Monterrey staff, will move to Cancun in February 2018 to serve as site staff after their wedding in January. Both Jenn and Juan bring experience being Captains of children’s homes and hosting mission teams. They will play a crucial role in building on the foundation of Cancun’s work with orphaned and vulnerable children and their families.

Back2Back Cancun is excited about the many years of experience and the unique qualifications that these two couples bring to Cancun! Please join us in praying for the smooth transition of the Mowerys back to the U.S. and Back2Back Cancun’s new staff to Cancun.