Laughter and Celebration

“Bon anniversaire!” Everyone sang out as the two boys at the front table smiled, trying to patiently wait to eat their piece of cake.

Samuel* and Evens* are celebrating their birthdays today. Birthday celebrations are a special way Back2Back recognizes each boy and girl. Birthday cake is cut into slices and passed around as each child at a partnering children’s home eagerly eats their sweet treat. Together, they all celebrate the two boys, while balloons blow in the slight Haitian breeze around the home.

The children then line up to play a fun game with a visiting mission team. Three large buckets of water sit at the end of each line and a small plastic cup waits to be filled. The objective of the game is to pass a full cup of water all the way to the back of the line, dumping the remaining water into the large bucket. The bucket with the most water at the end, wins.

Teammates end up with more water on their hair and shirts than in the bucket, but laughter can be heard from each team.

The birthday celebration may be for Samuel and Evens today, but every boy and girl at the home had fun, knowing their turn would one day come.