When God Opens Doors

Jose Luis could sense Dionicio’s nerves sitting next to him. The Hope Parent and student were sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to be called back to an exam room. They were hopeful a doctor could help with his pain.

“A few months ago, staff began to notice Dionicio standing differently – as if he was in pain,” explained Monique. “We decided to take him to see a physical therapist for assistance.”

The physical therapist realized quickly Dionicio’s pain was probably more intense than he was admitting. He had tumors covering large parts of his bones – on his hip and femur – and his muscles were beginning to atrophy. The physical therapist recommended seeing an orthopedic surgeon.

“The surgeon they went to in Mazatlán said it was too big of a case for him to handle surgically, but recommended another surgeon in Mexico City,” shared Monique.

On May 31st, Jose Luis traveled with Dionicio to the doctor in Mexico City and his first surgery was performed. He is now healing and entering into rehabilitation. An additional surgery will be necessary and is tentatively scheduled for December.

“We are so thankful he is doing well and entering rehab before his next surgery,” shared Monique. “But what has been an even more exciting part of this story are the ways Dionicio is leaning into the Lord.”

Dionicio wasn’t always open to church and a relationship with God. The support of his Hope Parents and visitors following his surgery led him to ask for prayer. He enjoyed connecting with people and receiving so many caring visitors.

“It’s been a wonderful change to see in him,” said Monique. “God is opening doors as he cares for him.”

Please join Back2Back in prayer as Dionicio heals from his first surgery and prepares for a second on later this year.