New Children’s Home Partnership in Monterrey

Back2Back Monterrey recently developed a new partnership with Rancho del Rey Children’s Home. The all-boys home lies 15 miles south of Monterrey, out in the open country. The home was started by Hank and Anne Moller in 1956.

Hank, a World War II Marine Airplane Pilot and mechanic, had the desire to use his learned skills to serve the Lord after serving his country. He and his wife felt burdened to join a team traveling to serve in South America, but never felt a clear call to go. They were living in California when the Lord put Monterrey on their hearts and it was then the children’s home was founded. Hank and Anne’s son, Daniel, is now the director of the home. Dustin Leonard, Back2Back staff, will be the captain of the children’s home that is beginning to incorporate family-style care.

Back2Back has had the opportunity to take two different teams to visit the home this year. Together they are taking the boys on field trips, attending church onsite, learning to play with a purpose, and completing work projects.

Back2Back Monterrey is excited to be partnering with this new home and looks forward to offering sponsorship for each child soon. Please join us in prayer as we strengthen relationship with the home and offer care for today and hope for each boy’s tomorrow.