Finding Healing

A visiting guest, Kali, a physician’s assistan sat across the table from 15-year old Peace. Kali knew Peace was struggling with pain, but the young girl sat quietly before her.

“Staff members informed me Peace had been experiencing a lot of pain, but she was very brave when we first sat down together,” shared Kali. “It took her a while to even confess she was feeling pain.”

The young girl has experienced chronic back and belly pain for most of her time at the home. A lack of trustworthy doctors to treat Peace meant she remained on pain medication to help ease her hurt. Peace grew tired easily and sat out on nearly all group activities because the pain became debilitating.

Kali listened patiently to Peace’s story and compassion unfolded from within. She began to consider how she might help Peace address her pain so as not to miss out on activities with her peers.

Kali recommended medication to address an infection for Peace. Once she returned to the states from Nigeria, Kali’s sister, and Back2Back staff member Dori McCormick, kept her informed of Peace’s progress. At the same time, Back2Back Nigeria was developing a partnership with a nearby medical clinic run by Christian, medical professionals.

“Dori would keep me informed of how Peace was feeling and, when she had complications and required surgery, Dori let me know how much the surgery would cost,” shared Kali. “I knew then I wanted to pay for the surgery to relieve Peace of the chronic pain she’d been experiencing.

Peace received the surgery and can now participate in games along with her classmates at school; she now participates in activities within the home because she no longer experiences pain. She is, for the first time in her life, able to play and laugh, talk and participate like a fifteen-year old should.

It is through sponsorship, visiting guests, and faithful partnership that help be the difference for one. Thank you.