Looking Forward

“I don’t care what it takes, I’m getting my girls back,” Milca looked determinedly at Erick and Julie Mowery, Back2Back Cancun Directors.

Milca, mother of ten-year old twins Sofi and Chabe, has long wished to be reunited with her girls, but financial circumstances made it difficult. Sofi and Chabe have lived at San Jose Children’s Home for eight years, but on July 19th, they will be reunited with their family once again.

“Milca has always wanted to have her girls back,” explained Julie. “When the conversation turned from ‘I wish they were with me’ to ‘I want them with me no matter what,’ we began to look into what this would look like for the family and how we could come alongside them to make it happen.” Staff members and case workers worked diligently with the family, addressing changes necessary for reunification. Before deciding the transition home would be the best choice for the girls, staff ensured financial circumstances had changed.

Visiting teams began the process of readying the family home this last spring in preparation of the girls moving back. Two bedrooms were added – one for the twins and one for their brother, a solid roof was put on the home, a kitchen is being added, and the home is being extended, so it attaches to the current outdoor bathroom. The home will now have running water, as well.

As the reunification process continues to move forward, Sofi and Chabe are spending one-on-one time with the psychologist on staff to help with the transition. The girls are also attending family sessions with their mom, dad, and twelve-year old brother to prepare each of them for the coming changes.

Sofi and Chabe will officially move into their new home later this week. Back2Back staff members, as well as the girls’ sponsors, helped decorate their new rooms yesterday, and will also help with the move. The girls will start at a new school closer to the home next week. Back2Back is excited to see what lies ahead for each of the girls, as well as their family, as they move forward together. Case workers will continue to visit and meet with the family once Sofi and Chabe have moved home.

Please join Back2Back in prayer for transitions for each family member and for adjustments to a new home, school, and day-to-day life. Please also join Back2Back as we pray for Sofi and Chabe, and their friends at San Jose Children’s Home and at school, as they become accustomed to new living arrangements and a change in friendships.