Increased Consistency

Jul 11, 2017

Steph Duff

The play area is bustling with laughter and small bursts of hollering. Children are running and playing, soaking in a few moments of free play. Five-year old Gabriel rides his bike without training wheels in the midst of the organized chaos. A smile lights up his face.

Two years ago, Gabriel and his older brother and sister came to Mama Paulita’s Children’s Home. The three siblings lived in a home with their mother, but were at risk without firm boundaries and guidance. When Gabriel arrived he rarely spoke and was a very active young boy, unused to restrictions and guidelines.

His home before Mama Paulita’s lacked a consistent adult presence. Now he is becoming accustomed to faithful adults who set expectations and hold him accountable. Increased consistency in Gabriel’s story has allowed the growing boy to flourish physically, emotionally, and socially and continue to have fun as a young boy should.

Your faithful partnership to the children and staff at Mama Paulita’s allow consistency and expectations to be met in each child’s life. Thank you for partnering in being the difference for one.

Steph Duff is a writer, daughter, sister, and really loud laugher. By day she lends her voice on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children with Back2Back Ministries. By night she is readily found with her nose in a book and spending time with her dog, Telulah. At all hours, she can be found consuming copious amounts of coffee. She feels most herself in the heat of India and prefers her mugs big, her books long, and her words intentional.

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