Helping Each Other Succeed

Jul 25, 2017

Steph Duff

One way children in Nigeria have fun is through playing and watching soccer. The children from Igmin Kibe Education Center recently invited the children from Destiny Children’s Home to compete in a spirited soccer game during a school break.

“It’s always special to me when children from different homes come together,” shared Azubike Kalu, Back2Back Staff. “It presents an opportunity for them to build relationships away from school and with new people.” The boys played against each other first while the girls took a walk – talking and getting to know each other more.

In the continued spirit of friend competition, Destiny Children’s Home also invited children from Kids with a Vision Children’s Home to a soccer match on April 26th. The boys and girls took turns playing against each other. This time the girls took the field to play in their match while the boys gathered on the sidelines to coach the players towards victory!

“It was a beautiful thing to see!” shared Azubike. “The boys exhibited maturity and responsibility by encouraging the girls and helping them succeed.”

The teams lined up and walked by each other, shaking hands, after the matches ended. The games proved to be a unique way for the children to grow in different areas while having fun.

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Steph Duff is a writer, daughter, sister, and really loud laugher. By day she lends her voice on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children with Back2Back Ministries. By night she is readily found with her nose in a book and spending time with her dog, Telulah. At all hours, she can be found consuming copious amounts of coffee. She feels most herself in the heat of India and prefers her mugs big, her books long, and her words intentional.

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