Depositing Thoughtfulness

Sai Kiran kicks the soccer ball to Navya, the child psychologist visiting campus. She returns the ball back to him and he looks at his friend, Pranay, who waits patiently to receive a turn. Sai Kiran turns his big, brown eyes to the psychologist. “Can we please pass to my friend and give him a chance to play with us, too?”

Sai Kiran joined the boys home on the India Hope Campus in mid-2016. Although he is a timid boy who doesn’t say much, he is shining in his thoughtfulness. (Sai Kiran is on the right in the photo)

“Sai Kiran is always thinking of others,” shares Adam. “He is one of the most thoughtful children I know.”

Recently, Sai Kiran got up in the night to use the restroom. He saw another boy’s blanket had fallen off him while he slept. He looks cold, the young boy thought to himself. He picked up the blanket and gently put it back over the older boy who has become like a brother to him.

This thoughtfulness and consideration of others continues to flourish within Sai Kiran as he develops trust and friendship with the other children on campus. We are thankful for the ways you build into the children on the Hope Campus through your letters and visits. By depositing thoughtfulness and care into their stories, you are helping them to freely give to others.