To Provide Healing

“When I was born, you Lola, were there for me and cared for me.”

Tears streamed down Jessi’s face as she leaned down and embraced her older sister tightly. There wasn’t a dry eye at the party that night.

Lola has long dreamt of her quinceñera. When she was fifteen, circumstances didn’t lend themselves to provide a traditional, Mexican birthday celebration.

Lola and her siblings live at Del Norte Children’s Home, and Lola has since transitioned into the Hope Program in Monterrey. As Lola has grown more comfortable with her house parents, Rocio and Asael, she began to use her voice to express her feelings and dreams. She recently shared her hope for a quinceñera, even though she was long past fifteen. Lola’s house parents were more than happy to remind their daughter her wants were heard; her dreams are important.

Lola’s desire for a quinceñera wouldn’t go unanswered. Her house parents, her younger siblings – who still live at Del Norte – and friends gathered to give Lola what she had been dreaming.

“This was an event truly for Lola,” shared Rocio, her house mom. “It was an evening filled with emotions and words that reaffirmed how important she is and how loved she is by God and those around her.”

Perhaps the most moving part of the evening was when Lola’s younger sister, Jessi, stood up and gave a small speech dedicated to the person she has always counted on.

“It was emotional to hear Jessi say, with tears in her eyes, ‘When I was born, you Lola, were there for me.’ These words reflected the care Lola gave her siblings. We are so thankful to God for the opportunity to love Lola in this way; it provided, without a doubt, healing for Lola’s heart,” shared Rocio.

As Lola was celebrated by her friends and family, we are happy to also celebrate growing connections and stories of healing.