If I Had a Super Power

This month’s guest writer is Kaden Kimple. Kaden submitted the following essay last fall to Power of the Pen, Ohio’s Interscholastic Creative Writing Program for Middle Schools, while her mom was on a mission trip with Back2Back Ministries.

When I think of super powers, I think of strength, speed, flight, brains, and maybe the ability to shoot spider webs from my wrists. Some people would kill for those if super powers were real. I wouldn’t. If I had a super power, I would want it to be saving people in need. My mom has inspired me. She is currently in Haiti at this very moment helping orphans. Hurricane Matthew had hit the area where she is right now. Luckily, there wasn’t that much damage. I want to be just like her and give these kids with no families, hope. My mom made a trip down to Haiti last year and told me about this little guy named Stanley. Stanley would sit in my mom’s lap with his hands full of matchbox cars. After they had left the orphanage, someone that my mother knew told her that Stanley had been very quiet and really didn’t get near anyone. Stanley had been through a lot. His mom died during childbirth and I think his dad died. His uncle took him in, but couldn’t afford to take care of him. Stanley’s uncle took him to his friend’s orphanage and asked if he could take care of Stanley. The orphanage didn’t usually take kids that were under four, but since he was good friends with Stanley’s uncle, he couldn’t turn him down. My mom made an impact on Stanley. One day I plan to meet Stanley. My church may plan a women’s retreat in June, 2017 to Haiti. I would like to accompany my wonderful, inspiring mother there next year.

I want to inspire other kids. I want to give kids like Stanley hope again. I want to shine like a flashlight in the darkness. I’ve never told my mom I want to follow in her footsteps. When she gets home on Sunday night, I’m going to stay awake and tell her when she walks in the door that I want to be like her, like giving the orphans a second chance. I believe that giving inspiration and hope to others is the best super power a person can have.

Share your stories…you never know who you will inspire. I have never viewed myself as being inspirational, her words are a gift as can your words, stories and actions.

Twelve-year old Kaden Kimple believes in the power within our stories. A fan of horseback riding and electric orange, Kaden hopes to follow in her mom’s footsteps by bringing hope to those around her, right where she is. She dreams of being a veterinarian and strives to confidently shine light into the darkness.

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