Flourishing Storylines

Grant and Kellee Keys, captains of FloreSer Children’s Home, are consistently working with caregivers and supporters to provide a safe, fun, healthy environment for the children. Recently, with the help of child sponsorship funds, a new hot water heater was purchased for the home.

While physical needs are being met for the children at FloreSer, educational and spiritual needs are being fed, as well. Four volunteer homework tutors have started coming to the home every Saturday. The girls are receiving help with their homework, but also with practice in reading, writing, and math.

As the girls at FloreSer are receiving the homework help they need, Grant is giving them the opportunity to learn more about the God who loves them, too. 

Grant decided to begin a Bible study with them after their former Bible Study teacher was no longer able to.

“I made it voluntary” explains Grant. “The girls weren’t required to attend the study, but each of them is a part of the study now.” 

Recently three girls at FloreSer made the intentional decision to dedicate their lives to Jesus at church! Together, the girls are studying the Jesus Stories Bible Study with Grant.