Bringing Light

The first week of March brought light to Jesus Name Children’s Home.

Jesus Name Children’s Home used a generator for electricity, but only for special occasions. It lacks access to city power sources.

In the beginning of March, a team visited Back2Back Haiti with SonLight Power, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Together, they installed a solar power system for the home.


“Generous donors are making electricity at the home a possibility,” explains Jeff Hickman, Back2Back Haiti Director. “We are excited about electricity being a regular resource for the home.”


Consistent electricity in the home is providing the power to change each child’s story. Wideline, a girl who dreams of becoming a seamstress, will be able to use her sewing machine at night now. Stanley leans his body sideways in his bed to catch the breeze of a blowing fan. Running fans through the night will cut down on heat in each room, allowing for easier sleep. Music crooning through speakers provide soft music before bedtime; reading fluency will increase as children can read in their rooms. Electricity in the home is much more than light – it’s hope.