A Future With Opportunities

Fred points to the vaccination schedule on the white board. Solomon and Jairus listen attentively as their manager explains which pens need to receive certain vaccinations.


It’s another busy day on the pig farm.

Recently, with the intent of empowering villagers and putting dignity back into their work, Back2Back Nigeria stepped into a partnership with Self-Sustaining Enterprises, an organization that coaches, invests, partners, and connects to build sustaining solutions for growth, education, and leadership. The pig farm, built on the same land as Back2Back’s Igmine Kibe Education Center, is an opportunity for local Nigerians to become shareholders in this unique business venture.

“The ultimate goal is for villagers to receive a percentage of the profit as the farm grows,” explains Clay McCormick, Back2Back Nigeria Staff. “It is a good system, in large part, because the success of the farm is evenly shared with each person involved.”

Fred, Solomon, and Jairus are three of the partners in the farm. As they see the fruits of their labor, and others seek to be a part of the project, long-term goals are able to be made and realized.

The pig farm seeks to provide sustainability for villagers as well as creating a stronger culture of community, but it will also provide financial freedoms difficult to obtain in Nigeria.

“The sale of a pig is roughly the same amount as two months’ salary of a well-paying job,” explains Clay.

As more villagers become involved and invested in the farm, Back2Back staff can see the opportunities to come. The excitement of all involved, who are coming to know their part is essential and invaluable, becomes more evident each day.

Each day, pigs are fed and watered, cared for and looked after, and the hands providing nourishment and care are seeing fresh opportunities in their futures.