Creating Healthy Outlets

Perla runs up the field and kicks the soccer ball out in front of her. Racing towards the goal, she feels the sun on her back and punts the ball towards the net at the end of the field. It swings in gracefully and her arms shoot up into the air. GOAL!

Perla and her sister, Ami, have recently joined a soccer team. Perla has hoped to be a part of a soccer team for a long time, and is exciting to be running and playing freely as part of a team.

“Perla is especially excited to be a part of the soccer team,” shares Darlene Ruiz, Back2Back Cancun caseworker. “She has been asking for some time to join one.”

With the recent addition of a new baby to their family, Perla and Ami have been a big help to their mom, Esmerelda. Darlene has been working with the family, though, in regards to the girls having more time for extracurricular activities of their choice. As a result, this is leading to a happier, healthier home environment for the entire family.

“The girls are much happier now, being able to play a sport they both love,” says Darlene. “And it is helping each of them to become more disciplined.”

Ami and Perla, in their eagerness to attend weekly practices and games, are becoming more respectful and responsible. They are diligent in accomplishing their household chores and finishing their homework to ensure they get to attend their activities. Ami and Perla are learning about compromise. They know by helping around the home and taking charge in their school work, they will be able to pursue extracurricular activities.

Back2Back Cancun staff is working to provide healthy outlets for Perla and Ami and improved emotional and social health within the home. This level of care and support is made possible because of child sponsorship.

If you are curious about child sponsorship and how you could invest your time, money and energy in being the difference for one, learn more here.