Right Where He Needs to Be

“If you weren’t in Nigeria right now, where would you want to be?” Godwin looked into the faces surrounding him. He is leading a nurture group with the children at Kids with a Vision Foundation. In this small group setting, Nurture Groups provide safe places for children to discuss their feelings with one another. As most of the children considered this question, nine-year old Dominik raised his hand confidently.

“There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than Nigeria,” he shared. “I wouldn’t change anything about myself or my story; where I am in this moment is right where God wants me to be.”

Godwin Ondoma, Back2Back Nigeria staff, isn’t surprised by Dominik’s response. “He is happy to be where he is right now. I truly think he wouldn’t change much about his circumstances; he believes he will become a better person as a result of being fully present where God wants him to be.”

As Godwin continues to lead Nurture Groups, he sees growth in the children and their walks with the Lord. Not every child feels like Domink, but during these discussions, Godwin gains insight into each child’s development. This guides him as he ministers within this home.

“They’re growing in their confidence and feel happy to be an active part of their unfolding stories,” says Godwin.

Dominik, and the other children at Kids with a Vision Foundation, are continuing to understand Whose they are and what that means for their futures.