Making Lifelong Investments

Juan Porto, Back2Back Monterrey Hope Program director, hung up the phone with a smile on his face. In the span of just a few days, he received exciting news from one former Hope student and additional, encouraging calls from two others.

Fourteen years ago, Rodolfo, Junior, and Oscar were three of the first five Hope Program students in Monterrey, Mexico. As they walked through the Hope Program, seeking higher education, setting goals for themselves and achieving them, these young men came to see each other as brothers, as family.


Fourteen years later, Junior calls Juan Porto to share the exciting news of his upcoming marriage.

“Shortly after I heard from Junior, Oscar called,” explained Juan. “He is a chef now and took the day of the wedding off to be available for whatever was needed, including cooking.”

Rodolfo, now a Back2Back staff member in Mazatlán, Mexico, also called, offering help for whatever might be needed.

“Even fourteen years later, they are maintaining their connections, keeping in touch with each other,” said Juan. “They are family.”


While Rodolfo, Junior, and Oscar are no longer students in the Back2Back Monterrey Hope Program, we know your prayerful and financial contributions to the lives of the children you sponsor last far longer than the time they remain under our care. The investment you make in the lives of each child helps them to experience family, grow in their confidence, and come to know the value of having people in their corner.

Thank you for the way you pave the roads ahead for each student in the Hope Program!