Joy Found in Giving Back

Large bowls sit side by side on long, wooden tables. Each bowl is filled to the brim with rice and beans. As team members from Grace Chapel hand out Ziploc bags, the children from Lighthouse gather around the bowls. They begin to scoop rice and beans by the cupful into the plastic bags.

Today, we come together to give back.

With the recent devastation Hurricane Matthew left in parts of Haiti, Lighthouse Children’s Home is setting about brightening days for those experiencing hardship. Each bag, filled with food, will be sent to struggling families recovering from the storm.

“We want the children to understand the necessity of showing kindness by giving back,” says Dan Ravenhorst, Back2Back Haiti staff. “The children we serve are so fortunate to be poured into and we want to teach them to be the same light to others.”

The children become very focused and concentrate on their part in the process of giving back. They become more excited with each full bag they’re able to hand over to be given. As children who have experienced their own loss, they were grateful to take part in bringing joy to other people’s stories.

“It’s an impactful thing to see how diligently the children work and the recognition of how much they can accomplish together,” says Holly Ravenhorst, Back2Back Haiti staff.

Following the theme of giving back, the children had the opportunity to visit an organization called Peace Cycle. Peace Cycle makes products out of Haitian water bags and seeks to reduce littering through upcycling.

The children at Lighthouse will go to Peace Cycle and learn about ways they can help their home and be a difference for their environment.

“I think it’s a great way for the children to see they are capable of helping others, and their country,” says Dan. “Our hope is they will feel inspired to be looking for ways to make a difference.”

We thank you for loving and giving well to the children at Lighthouse. Please join us in praying each child continues to understand the joy found in giving back.