When Sathwik Smiles

Sathwik’s cry could be heard throughout the campus. It was clear he was a little boy in a new environment, still fearful from earlier trauma.

A visiting team engaged him in play and watched encouragingly as the older boys Sathwik lived with were patient and gentle in their attempts to calm him down.

Sathwik has been sorting through his experiences, now in a safe environment, and is experiencing healing.


“With each passing day, Sathwik is engaging in activities with the other children and enjoying his time being loved and cared for,” said Adam.

Through the great amount of comfort Sathwik is receiving from his caregivers and the older boys in the home, the small, growing boy can often be found beaming with a grin.

“It’s been amazing to see the older boys take him in; I love the way they’re supporting like a little brother,” said Dan Belue, Back2Back India Staff.

As the other children and Sathwik continue to get to know each other, they are playing together more and including him in everything. All of the children on the India Hope Campus are learning what it means to be inclusive and how that can change a person’s story.

Sathwik smiles now, and often, as he swings with his caregiver or runs with the older boys through campus. He is no longer on the sidelines, he is in the middle of what’s happening, and we are counting that joy.