The Value of Empowerment

Sebastian walks into the room, determination written on his face. He is a young man on a mission. Sebastian knows what he is looking for and just where to find it.

Recently five-year-old Sebastian has been seeing a psychologist to better manage his anger and emotional outbursts. As a young boy coming from a hard place, Sebastian is slowly learning how to best handle his anger and how to use his words to avoid shutting down those around him.

As he pulls out the “police” vest and slips it on, the weight on his shoulders brings familiar comfort. Sebastian has a job to do and he takes it seriously. When wearing the vest, he is the “security” for the children’s home.


In her work with Sebastian, Martha, a psychologist at Del Norte, has discovered the use of weighted clothing gives Sebastian a sense of security and helps him react less impulsively.

“It’s not a weighted vest to Sebastian,” explains Jenn Holden, Back2Back Monterrey staff member. “Combining work with pressure points and therapy with Martha, Sebastian is left feeling empowered to behave well and use his words to express what he wants and needs.” He is a young boy who is learning the value of improvement and empowerment.

Your willingness to come alongside the children served at Del Norte Children’s Home and to meet their needs continues to change their stories from ones of hardship to hope.