Building a Culture of Communication

Darlene, a Back2Back caseworker, sits down with Dalila, the mother of Lady, Zuri, and Jose Luis and together, they dive into a lesson within the Active Parenting Curriculum. Today’s topic is understanding the dreams of her children.

“Dalila has always been a highly engaged mom,” explains Darlene. “She is active in the lives of her three children, but we are working together on building stronger trust within her family.” With the many challenges of their community, trust is key to her children withstanding the temptations they face daily.

As her children grow older and are now teenagers, they naturally crave more independence. Darlene is equipping Dalila with tools to create safety and security for her children, while still allowing them to develop trust and independence.

“We are working together to build guidelines within her home,” explains Darlene. “By setting a curfew and manageable expectations, Dalila is creating a culture of communication and trustworthy independence in her home.”


In addition to working with Dalila on setting clear guidelines for her children, Darlene is also using the Active Parenting Curriculum with other Strong Moms in a group environment. Once a month, all the strong moms gather and discuss what they are learning and what is and isn’t working in their homes.

“They are developing an atmosphere of support for each other,” says Darlene.

During her weekly visits, Darlene also teaches Dalila how to better understand her emotions and how they effect the way she parents. “The tools being provided to Dalila, and the work she is taking to implement them, are going a long way to prevent further family conflict within the home,” explains Darlene. “The children have parameters to follow and there is better communication within the family.”

This family is learning what it means to live and operate as a team and Dalila is learning to provide safe keeping to her children while offering the space to grow in independence. Your dedicated partnership helps allow each member of Dalila’s family to see their voice can be heard without be raised.