Seeing Clearly

Fednia came to Harvest Care Children’s Home confused and afraid. She was unexpectedly transferred from another children’s home and wasn’t told why. Being uprooted once again created another painful rip in her heart. She arrived at Harvest Care wounded and angry, with thick emotional walls around her small frame.

For the first few months, Fednia tested and pushed the boundaries, just waiting for the day she’d be taken from Harvest Care. But as she built relationships with caregivers, Back2Back staff and mission team guests, she began to let down her guard. Fendia not only was told, but began to experience, love, acceptance, and safety. She began to see Harvest Care as her home, and she wasn’t going anywhere else.

When looking at Fednia, it was apparent something was wrong with her eyes–she was cross­-eyed. Fednia had headaches, eye strain, attention problems, and tons of insecurities. She was frustrated, but didn’t know what to do. She visited an optometrist to address the situation.

Fednia was outfitted with cute pink frames to help correct her vision. This small change seems to be impacting her entire demeanor. For the first time in as long as she can remember, Fednia is feeling at home in her own skin. And it’s showing in the way she interacts with those around her. She used to keep to herself, believed to be partially due to her embarrassment about the way she looked. Now, she runs to greet visitors, and can’t wait to show off her new glasses. They also have become a fashion accessory she’s proud to show off her stylish pink specks.

Surgery will eventually be needed to fully correct the problem, but there is hope that her eyes will be completely healed. Fednia could not be more excited. Caring for her physical needs has shown her a practical love she’s never known before. As Fednia experiences love and provision, she is stepping more into her authentic self, more willing to take risks and show others the true energetic, spunky girl she is–inside and out.