Abounding Joy

The sun beats down as squeals of delight pierce the air. Water splashes high as girls bravely leap up and cannonball into the cool relief of the clear pool of water.

Kimberly grasps onto Olivia’s hand and they count, “uno, dos, tres. . .” as they jump high in the air and quickly submerge into the splashing and swimming.

Laughter, spraying water, squeals of delight, and breaths of release were found among the interns and girls from Floreser as they gathered for a pool party at Back2Back staff, Grant Keys’, home. Following the pool party, the girls got to experience their first sleepover.

“Grant really wanted to plan a night for the girls to laugh and play; he wanted their first sleepover to be memorable,” says Olivia, Back2Back intern and child sponsor.

As the girls filed into the team home for the sleepover, their eyes went up, taking in colorful balloons and streamers. They each ran to the beds where they would be sleeping for the night – freshly made beds with a stuffed animal peeking out of the covers.

The girls spent the rest of the evening watching movies and having a spa night. Manicures and pedicures, facials and foot scrubs – the girls served each other and built lasting memories with each other.


“It was important to each of us to instill in each of them that they are important, they are special, they are seen,” said Olivia.

Through giggling and swimming, conversation and dancing, the Floreser girls were reminded time spent together is valuable and where there is connection, joy will abound.