A Fearless Faith

Shailaja is a girl coming into her own. Shailaja is a young girl from a hard place, and when she arrived at the Hope Campus, she was quiet and kept to herself. Over time, she is beginning to use her voice in positive and friendly ways. She is a jokester who can, more often than not, be found with a smile bracing her face. She is thoughtful and kind. She will always be one of the first to ask you how you are, how you slept, how you’re feeling.

Shailaja’s bright smile is made more dazzling, still, by her hot pink glasses. The once shy girl now walks with confidence in her step; she is sure of herself, of her fashion choices, and of the unique qualities she offers.

Recently, the children of the Hope campus had the opportunity to visit their families over a month-long break from school. It was while Adam and Amos were visiting Shailaja and her family that they saw this assuredness and growing confidence come to life.

Shailaja lives with her grandmother’s sister, a woman who suffers from severe health issues. While they were visiting, she asked Adam and Amos to pray with her over her grandmother’s sister. This bold courage, of asking for prayer in front of an elder who practices Hinduism, is evidence of the faith being built firmly within Shailaja’s big heart.

Caregivers have seen significant growth in Shailaja’s faith. She used to struggle with unforgiveness, but now she’s learning to address the pain head on and offer true forgiveness.

At just eleven years old, Shailaja is living by example and continually looking for ways to share the freedom she feels at being able to speak openly and boldly to her Father God.